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Sega Saturn Cheats - Daytona USA

Hidden Area and Message:
To find a hidden message, pick either Arcade or Saturn  mode and start on the  Advanced  track.  As soon as the race  starts, turn around and drive the  opposite  direction.  Look for a  small  hill to the right. Drive up the hill, and you  will  see  a  special  message  from  your sponsor.

No Wheels on Opening Screen:
Start a race and enter the pit.  Before the crew gets the new tires on your car, press A, B, C and Start simultaneously.  This will reset the game. Now, at the demo screen, your car will have no tires.

Race as the Horse:
While the white title screen is showing, enter the following on Player One's controller: On the directional pad, press Up-Left and hold A, B, X, and Y.  Choose  the  Saturn  racing  mode  and  press  Left  on the directional pad to select your car.  A "Horse" option will scroll onto the screen. Now you can race as the horse!

Move the Jeffry Statue:
On the Expert track, stop in front of the statue of Jeffry from Virtua Fighter. Press X to make him change his pose.

Play the Slot Machine:
On the Beginner track, stop in front of the slot  machine.  Press X to make each slot stop. Match up the sevens, and you'll get a time bonus!

Time Attack:
In Saturn mode only, hold Start at the  Car  Select  screen.  When you start the race, there will be no other cars on the track.

Race on Reversed Track:
At the Track  Select screen, press Start to play in a Mirror mode that converts every left turn into a right and vice versa.

AM2 Sound Test:
To sample the music scores for other games made by AM2 (the same bunch who made Virtua Fighter and other games), enter the following initials at the High Score screen to hear the corresponding AM2 music score:

 A.B: After Burner
 E.R: Enduro Racer
 EXN: Exhaust Note
 G.F: Galaxy Force
 GLC: G-Loc
 GPR: GP Rider
 H.O: Hang On
 O.R: Out Run
 ORS: Outrunners
 P.D: Power Drift
 QTT: Quartet
 R.M: Rad Mobile
 S.C: Stadium Cross
 S.F: Strike Fighter
 S.H: Space Harrier
 SDI: Global Defense
 SHO: Super Hang On
 SMG: Super Monaco GP
 T.B: Thunder Blade
 TOR: Turbo Out Run
 V.F: Virtua Fighter
 V.R: Virtua Racing
 VMO: Vermilion


Race as a horse:
Hold Up/Left + A + B + X + Z and press Start at the title screen. Release the buttons when the next screen appears and choose the "Saturn Mode" option. All ten cars and a set of horses should be selectable. A second set of horses can be accessed by finishing first on the beginner track on endurance mode with a horse. Note: A horse (as well as the yellow car) does not lose speed if it leaves the track and races on the grass for a limited amount of time.

Additional cars:
Hold Down/Right + L + R + C + Y and press Start at the title screen. Six additional vehicles will be available for selection.

Maniac mode:
Press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, A, B, C when the Sega logo appears. A chime will confirm correct code entry. The letter 'M' will appear in the top left of the screen during game play, which will have increased difficulty.

Turbo start:
Hold B and press C at the starting grid of the Advanced or Expert courses. Keep the RPMs between 6500 and 7000. When the race begins, release B but keep C held.

Toggle metric speedometer:
Hold X + Y + Z on controller two and press Start on controller one at the title screen. The speedometer will be calibrated to kilometers/hour in the North American version of the game. The speedometer will be calibrated to miles/hour in the international version of the game.

Full pause screen:
Pause game play, then press X + Y + Z.

Slow lead car:
Hold Z during a race.

No tires in demo:
Start a race and enter the pit. Press A + B + C + Start to reset while there are no tires on your car and allow demo mode to begin.

Helicopter view:
Choose Saturn mode in the mode select menu.. Choose any track. Hold Start while selecting a car to race in time/lap mode. Select the replay option after finishing the race. View the replay after finishing the race. Press R to view the race from a helicopter's view.

Reversed tracks:
Select Saturn mode. Highlight a track, hold Start and press C on the track selection screen. A mirror image of the track will be available for racing.

Endless track:
Select Saturn mode. Select any course and begin game play. After one lap, turn around and drive in the wrong direction to display the "Reverse" warning at the bottom of the screen. After completing one lap in the wrong direction, turn around and drive correctly. No final lap will appear.

No opponent cars:
Select Saturn mode. Highlight a car, hold Start and press C on the track selection screen. Note: You may press L or R during a replay of a race in this mode to change camera angles.

Jeffrey statue poses:
Approach the statue of Jeffrey on the expert track. Press X rapidly to make the statue turn and stand in its head.

Extra time:
Approach the slot machine that crosses the beginner track. Press X to stop each wheel. If "777" appears on the slot machine, extra time will be added to the race clock.

Secret sign:
Turn your car around at the starting line of the advanced track. Drive up the ramp to the right. A sign displaying "CONGRATULATIONS. You Just Lost. Your Sponsors!" will be at the top of the ramp, in the back of the tunnel.

View credits:
Press Start during the victory lap of a first place finish.

Time Trial mode:
Hold Start while selecting a car.

Daytona theme song lyrics:
Set the number of laps to normal in the options menu. Choose arcade mode in the mode select menu. Hold Up while selecting a track. Press Upduring a race to display the lyrics to the theme song.

Music selection:
Enter the Key Assign selection in the option screen. Choose type B for the controller setting. Hold A, X, Y or Z (each selects a different song) while choosing a track or car. Hold the selected button until the race starts.

Hidden songs:
Finish any race on any track. Enter one of the following initials to hear parts of various songs from different Sega games:
SEX --- A.B --- BNB --- DST --- E.R --- EXN --- GDA --- G.F --- GLC --- GPR --- DYN
H.O --- KOS --- LGA --- O.R --- ORS --- P.D --- P.P --- QTT --- R.M --- S.C --- SDI
S.F --- S.H --- SHO --- SKH --- SMG --- T.B --- TET --- TOR --- V.F --- VFT --- VMO
V.R --- .KK --- DEK --- YAN --- M.M --- KOU --- HSB --- TAK --- KAZ --- ASA --- YOJ
YUI --- NAK --- MIT --- OKA --- TRS --- H.S --- OSI --- JIM --- IGA --- ANI --- V.C
K.J --- MAS --- KEN --- AKI --- ISO --- AO. --- KAG --- YAM --- KAO --- SAO --- NAG
VME --- A.Y --- J.B --- S.B --- PAI --- K.M --- W.H --- J.M --- LAU --- V.R --- V.F

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